6.5 x 68 RWS Magnum Build

Well my dream build is finally built but not quite completed...

So after many many months of trying to source brass for my dream calibre some magically appeared on TM, only 20 brand new mind you, but after a quick buy now and email I was the proud owner of 150  brass case mainly new unfired mall with the lovely 6.5 x 68 RWS stamp on their bottoms...

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So I had an action I wanted to use for this build but it had an existing 6.5 barrel on it (no not a silly 6.5 CM) but being that the big boy Vortex was a part of the build and the action had the rail fitted I needed so needed to find another for the 6.5x.284 barrel, and as luck should have it one fell into my lap from out of the blue, that made for a happy chap... 

So all packaged and on the way to Hugh Bradley at Bradley Barrels ( this man is the best there is, please click on the link and check his work out, true craftsman) couple of emails back and forth to confirm a few details and I let him rip...

Well what comes back to me is a work of art 26" heavy contour extended crux barrel with 8 flutes further forward 1:235mm twist all set to laser beam some Nosler 142g LRAB's at bambie, trigger trued to 1.5lbs, 1x15mm thread for the A-Tec Maxim suppressor, bolt face work done and maximum allowed size worked out and reaming done, then he finished the bedding job in a new custom made Carbon Fibre stock from Stronghold Innovations in Hamilton (820gms) and all set ready for the custom Cerakote finish.


Action: Ruger M77 MkII LA  stainless

Barrel: 416R stainless by H R Bradley Barrels www.gunmakersnz.com

Stock: Carbon Fibre by Stronghold Innovations  Stronghold-Innovations.co.nz

Calibre: 6.5 x 68 RWS Magnum

Scope: Vortex Razor HD 5-20x50 FFP MOA

Cerakote: Cobalt with Burnt Bronze accents

UPDATED Photos now Cerakote is complete!

 20181129 154702

 20181129 154709

20181129 15471520181129 154817 20181129 154728 001

So far has been a bit of a laser with load development, Nosler LRAB's in 142g model punching a small hole at 100m

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