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Performance Clears

Air Cure

Next Generation Hybrid Clear Coatings. Unmatched Performance

MC-5100 Cerakote Clear - Aluminum has been specifically engineered for performance on all common alloys of aluminum, including magnesium alloys. Common applications include Polished, Brushed, Raw & Anodized Aluminum used in Architectural, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Goods and more.

  •  Easy to apply, Ready to Spray, Direct To Aluminum 

  • Simple Dawn Dish Soap & Water Preparation

  • Tack free in approximately 1 hour Air Cure (Full cure in 24 hours)

  • Preserves true aluminum look while protecting against oxidation & dulling

  • 100% Inorganic Formulation is completely UV stable. Will Not Yellow or Haze

  • Unparalleled adhesion, chemical resistance, UV stability and hydrophobic properties on all alloys of aluminum, including Magnesium. (See TDS for details)

  • This coating excels in outdoor applications.

  • Air cure

 416Ex7z82wL. SX466

All alloys of aluminum, including magnesium. Excellent for raw, polished, brushed and anodized aluminum.

Engine covers, marine fittings, motorcycle engines, brake calipers, anodized alloys...


Corrosion Resistance     5 / 5 stars

Chemical Resistance      5+ / 5 stars

Thermal Stability     4 / 5 stars

UV Stability      5+ / 5 star

Durability / Hardness     5 / 5 stars

Ease of Use     5 / 5 stars