Now in my chosen career I work as an Offshore Paramedic, have spent 6yrs on the road in the Ambulance service and currently work in the Oil & Gas Industry, so fair to say I have seen my fair share of trauma - in particular heavy bleeding/haemorrage. 

Now it has taken a lot of time for good kit and training to become available for use for the regular Joe out there... So Simon at Prac Med New Zealand has this covered now, he's a thinking man with experience and has put it all together and come up with the Individual First Aid System. This is a must have piece of kit, I have mine, now read on and think about getting yours...

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Welcome to the next generation of Individual First Aid. 

Too often New Zealanders find themselves in a predicament where hindsight becomes a virtue, catastrophic bleeding claims the lives of many kiwis every year in Trade and Industry, on the roads, during recreational activities and in general life, this must change. 

PracMed NZ had collaborated with Sabre Tactical, an elite New Zealand manufacturer of high performance tactical equipment, to produce the most systematic and comprehensive Individual First Aid System available. Focussed on practical first aid and controlling massive haemorrhage this new Individual First Aid System is Kiwi designed and made kit that allows a ultra fast, systematic approach to dealing with massive haemorrhage, penetrating chest trauma and gives the operator the option of including additional items suitable to their skillset and specific task.


- The IFAS is designed to deal with catastrophic haemorrhage from limbs with the North American Rescue (NAR) Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)being available to be deployed in under 20 seconds by a competent operator.

- Trauma shears are retained on the rear of the pouch with a revolutionary magnetic retention system (MRS).

- Inside the main pouch the latex gloves, medical gauze and 4 inch compression bandage are retained snugly by a high quality elasticated strip which also retains the NAR compact chest seals.

- On the front of the inner pouch there is a removable Velcro utilities card housing a sharpie marker that can accommodate further medical accessories for those who are trained in the use of NP/OP airway management systems and decompression needles this is a fantastic addition, for those who would rather run high speed and lower drag this feature can be removed.

The days of complacency and the almost cliché "first aid kits' for compliance are over. 

Each IFAS comes complete with:

- 1 x PracMed NZ IFAS pouch.

- 1 x Trauma shears.

- 1 x North American Rescue CAT Tourniquet.

- 1 x Pair of Latex Gloves.

- 1 x Medical Gauze.

- 1 x 4 inch compression dressing.

- 1 x Twin Pack NAR Micro chest seals.

- 1 x Sharpie Marker. 

*IFAS is currently available in Multicam, Desert Tan, Operator Black and Emergency Services Red. 

Don't settle for second best and be with the rest, choose to equip yourself to win against the bleed with the New IFAS from PracMed NZ. 

Always Ready. 

Semper Paratus.